Welcome to my homepage. Above you will find links to the courses I teach, my cv, a small project I’m doing aggregating Maya resources on the web, ad well as another tab with more information about me. To the right you’ll find recent musing of mine on academia, World Literatures, Latin American literatures, and Indigenous movements.

If you’d like to contact me, email me to pmworley (at) wcu.edu.

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  1. Paul, hello from Augusta, Georgia! I’m interested in your past SECOLAS talk in Charleston about Mayan codices/comics. I was in the audience that day and I’m interested in either obtaining a copy of that talk and presentation or collaboration on a future venture related to teaching using graphic novels, comics, codices to teach about the Mayan realm. I’m just finished teaching a short freshman inquiry course under the theme “superheroes” and my choice was Mayan civilization past and present.

    This is rambling, but I only have a moment between classes to write to you. Thank you for your time and consideration. 706-421-9447 (cell/text)

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