After completing my PhD in Comparative Literature at UNC-Chapel Hill, I was hired as an Assistant Professor of Spanish by the Department of Modern and Classical Languages at the University of North Dakota in Fall 2009.

Published fall 2013 by the University of Arizona Press, my book Telling and Being Told: Storytelling and Cultural Control in Contemporary Mexican and Yukatek Maya Literatures examines representations of Maya storytellers and storytelling in Yucatec Maya literatures. More broadly, my academic specialization is in contemporary Latin American literatures and cultures, with my research interests being indigenous rights movements in Latin America, Postcolonial Theory, Subaltern Studies, and Digital Humanities.

I have several ongoing projects, not the least of which is a trilingual oral history project that I have designed with the Yukatek Maya storyteller Mariano Bonilla Caamal, Tsikbal ich Maya (Speaking Maya). My recently published articles have appeared in The Latin Americanist, Romance Notes, and A contracorriente. I am currently working on an article on the poetry of Waldemar Noh Tzec.

Up top you can find information about the courses that I am teaching and have taught here at WCU, as well as links to my current CV.

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