Whiteboard: Guerillaz

Your one-stop resource aggre-gator for (FREE!) student digital engagement products. (And because what doesn’t need a stupid, pseudo-trendy sounding name?) Tools and resources are in alphabetical order by need fulfilled.


Jing: lots of folks I know swear by this.

Quicktime: wait, you can screencast in Quicktime. Yes, you can.


Dropbox: you have to pay for the larger storage amounts, but it’s a secure, quality service that works well across multiple devices.

Evernote: think of this as a much fancier version of Dropbox (secure storage that works across devices that comes with a lot of its own add-on tools)

Video hosting:

YouTube: because why not?

Vimeo: because if playback quality matters, it’s better than Youtube.

Voice Recording:

Vacaroo: easy to use and send.

Website design and Templates:

WordPress: perhaps the most widely used, freely available web design platform going. 1000s of free templates. And yes, if privacy is a concern, you CAN password protect a site. Set up a blog that is as complex/low-tech as you want. Get to work!